The Art
Of Creating Saunas
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Structure of prefabricated saunas


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Ready-made ITS kit sauna is a classic sauna manufactured in a carpenter’s workshop of  ITS company. Sauna is delivered as a complete sauna kit. Sauna is not very difficult to assemble.  After delivery and assembly sauna is fully ready for use.

ITS company produces 23 models of standard size ready-made saunas. Sauna kit includes: walls, ceiling, door, electric stove, lamps, benches and other necessary accessories. Ready-made kit saunas may be assembled and dismantled up to 4 times causing  no damage to their quality. Sauna production is fully certified.

Our saunas may be installed to any suitable premises. Assembling may be done either from inside or outside (!). Sauna size varies up to 4x5 meters. Standard size of the door is 0,7x1,9 m providing that each measurement may be altered and tailored to customer’s will.

Sauna includes wooden panels with aluminum foiled warmth-keeping jacket inside. Walls are firmly fixed by upper and lower frames with self-threaded screw. From inside sauna walls have cladding made of  linden, alder or Canadian cedar. Benches are made of African oak-tree – apache. ITS saunas are known for their special design -  transformed benches which makes it easy to use them.

Sauna stove has 3 levels of overheating  proof. Lamps are made of heat proof ceramics.  Doors are made of  8 mm thick glass and manufactured  by ITS. Glass has golden tint-coating.

Headrest, lampshades and ventilation locks are made by ITS. Assembly of simple 2x2 m size saunas lasts max. 4 hours. More sophisticated saunas are assembly may last up to 8-10 hours.

What sauna really means for us:

  • Leisure
  • Easing of stress
  • Healing
  • Pure body
ITS® prefabricated saunas are intended for installation in apartments, country houses, offices, sports centers, kindergartens, clubs, representative recreation areas, boarding houses and other places of rest.
The sauna can be transported to any distance. The sauna can be disassembled and assembled without damage to the appearance 4 times.
Prefabricated saunas ITS® are designed for indoor installation. For them it is not required to build a separate room, because the facade of the prefabricated saunas from ITS® is finished with first-class natural wood.
In the sauna you can steam with a broom. At the end of the steaming procedure, the sauna should be ventilated by opening the ventilation valves and the door.
The maximum number of steamers should be selected from the ratio of 1 person per 2 m3 of steam at a rate of air exchange 10.
The time for the sauna to warm up to 70 degrees Celsius is less than 45 minutes.
Temperature range from 60 to 105 degrees, humidity range from 40 to 50%.